2018: In Search of Pure Lust: A Memoir

“Weil's inquiry will companion readers seeking to recognize, reinvent or reinvigorate their life beyond the tropes and terrors of the twenty-first century.”

Betsy Warland, author of Oscar of Between—A Memoir of Identity and Ideas

“Intimate, personal, visionary...”

Kim Chernin, author of Reinventing Eve

In Search of Pure Lust takes us back to a moment in the ‘70s and ‘80s when lesbian desire was the pulsing center of an entire way of life, a culture, a movement. The memoir also traverses a series of torrid but ultimately failed relationships—until a dive into Zen practice begins to turn things around. Donna M. Johnson has called the memoir “the most alive and embodied book I’ve read in years.” Kim Chernin: “the reader should expect to stay up all night, and for many nights, reading.”

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